Content Creation

Content comes in many forms, but the best one is still “text”. Words make the world go round, and they’re usually the starting point of every new creation. More to the point, they help with SEO (search engine optimization) which grants your latest bits of news an easier chance at going viral.

Well written and useful articles are an affordable and organic way to get more eyeballs on your brand, especially when you have an upcoming sale or a new product launch.

Read a few of my articles (click for full view):

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Online Reputation Management

More specifically: “Social Media” Reputation Management means to fully representing a brand on its social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and so on. This includes regular checks for social notifications or messages on the brand’s accounts, and directing relevant messages or information to the relevant parties, or responding on behalf of the brand using set guidelines.

Many businesses seldom have the time to manage their social media pages, let alone implement a digital brand awareness campaign. Some employ the services of a digital agency, others employ a specialist in-house, the rest either give up on social media completely or find solace in an affordable and dedicated freelancer…like me.

I Am Online has been a hobby up to this point, but here are a few social media accounts I’ve managed on a professional scale:

Click for REAL ESTATE Magazine Facebook page  |  Managed from 01-Oct-2014 to present


Click for Property Professional LinkedIn Page  |  Managed from 01-Oct-2014 to present

Chas Everitt Cape Town City Bowl Google Plus page

Click for Chas Everitt Cape Town City Bowl Google Plus page  |  Managed from 01-Mar-2015 to 29-Feb-2016

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Digital Campaigning and Strategizing

Sometimes publishing articles and random social posts is not enough. This is where some structure and a competition campaign or two does wonders. All people – whether they’re your target audience or not – love incentives. Remember this for your next brand awareness endeavour or customer survey. I myself have had a helping hand at a few such campaigns:

Chas Everitt Cape Town Best Views 2015  |  campaign


This March celebrates the launch of ‘Cape Town Best Views 2015’, the first art campaign of its kind to be hosted here, in the Mother City, by Chas Everitt International Property Group. Kicking off with a competitive bang, Chas Everitt Cape Town’s Facebook followers will be able to vote for their favourite photos to be selected as one of the top five best Cape Town views. Throughout the course of 2015, these five views will then be transformed into wonderful works of art by a select group of local artists. Each artist will be assigned a month in which to finish their artwork, and regular visual updates will be posted on the Chas Everitt Cape Town Facebook Page to display the progress of each art piece…see the full article here.

Decorex SA 2016 Durban Ticket Giveaway | competition

To celebrate the new design trends with Decorex Durban 2016, we will be giving away 5 double tickets to the exhibition...

Decorex Durban 2016 – a comprehensive showcase of the latest décor and design trends, products and services – kicks off on 18 March 2016 and runs for four days, until 21 March, at the Durban Exhibition Centre. To celebrate the new design trends with Decorex Durban 2016, we will be giving away 5 double tickets to the exhibition……see the full article here.

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Desktop Publishing and Design

I may not be an artist, certainly not an illustrator, but I do have some basic InDesign and Photoshop skills. Layout design for online use is more my forte, from newsletter designs and motivational quotes to social media tips and branded ‘Did You Know’ posts.

A few logos put together for some startup brands

Social Media Marketing Tips for my Instagram account


I prefer MailChimp when creating newsletters and mailers, like REAL ESTATE Magazine’s REview newsletter

See more in the REview archive

See more in the REview archive

Celebrity Motivation Quote for I Am Online’s Facebook page



Weekly ‘Did You Know’ facts about Cape Town posted on the Chas Everitt Cape Town Facebook page to help boost brand exposure


Various print layout designs from my City Varsity student days


Branded motivational quotes posted on the REAL ESTATE Magazine’s social media accounts to promote sharing and create a brand awareness boost

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Though the most photography training I received was a week’s worth of classes during my Journalism course at City Varsity, I have to admit that I find happiness in playing ‘Photographer’ with either my Canon EOS 600D or iPhone at the occasional social event.

Belvedere Relearn Natural Workshop  |  Rust en Vreugd, Cape Town


The Towers Launch  |  Foreshore, Cape Town


No 3 Silo Launch  | V& A Waterfront, Cape Town

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WordPress Website Design

Kicking a business off with a marvellous website is always the way to go, but custom website development can be extremely costly, especially if you need a lot of features (like e-commerce apps, social media widgets, online surveys, etc.). For most startup brands, a simple WordPress website can do the trick until more funding becomes available.

I prefer a WordPress (a CMS I’m familiar with) website or blog, as it is easy to grasp with minor practice, making it an ideal option for clients that wish to manage their website themselves.

Here are a few examples:


Click to view the Thin Hair Problems mock website | created in 2014


Click to view the ConvergeSA 2014 event website | created in 2014


Click to view the Judy Lotter Designs temporary website | created in 2014


Click to view the WebVoice blog | created in 2013


If you like what you see, don’t hesitate to


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