i am online

Designs ideas from my freelancing brand.

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City Varsity

Layout designs I compiled during my studies at CityVarsity: School of Media & Creative Arts, including my Portfolio Blog that I created via WordPress.

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Part of my Journalism course included a video project, where I took on the role of Film Editor.
We chose Darling Brew, the South African craft beer company, as our subject and it turned out to be a very…delicious project.

See the video on YouTube.

The Reapers ESO Guild

Examples of the wide variety of content that I put together for The Reapers Guild, a group of craft-orientated members that play The Elder Scrolls Online MMO. Among these designs are some book covers that I’m particularly fond of.

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WebVoice & RealVoice

Designs and layouts I compiled for an online marketing (WebVoice) and a real estate (RealVoice) blog.

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