About Andy

Andy Moller-AndyMagick-photoshopped_2016Originally from Namibia, but Cape Town based for the past 10 years, I have spent some time in two career fields that intrigue me immensely, content creation and digital marketing. My passion is outweighed only by my thirst to learn, and I firmly live by the famous Benjamin Franklin quote;

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

With my Diploma in Professional Acting for Camera (from CityVarsity), I am able to combine a new sense of creative thinking with any form of media. I especially enjoy combining the surreal creativity of the imagination with the seriousness and complex factuality of professional publicising, using skills I learned from Scriptwriting, Character Analyses, Art Theory, Movement, and many other classes that opened my mind to new levels of thinking.

However, it was my Higher Certificate in Journalism (also obtained from CityVarsity) that brought all the pieces of the puzzle together. Here, I came to understand the variety of writing formats, extend my knowledge in different writing styles and content creation, and adapt to think outside the box with regards to this complex world (considering news, race, religion, sexuality, law, media, politics, animal cruelty, war, love, honour,..) – a boon of a skill when it comes to customer care and ethical content creation.

“Here’s to becoming a Jack-of-all-Media.”

 Thanks for the visit.

Andy Möller