Top 10 Tamriel Roleplay Destinations this 2017

The Elder Scrolls saga never seizes to miss an opportunity to create majestic digital worlds filled with epic beauty and interesting people. TESO (The Elder Scrolls Online) was another successful epicness that showed off scenic wonders thanks to the power of imagination and awesome tech.

I adventure through the lands of Tamriel, and even the planes beyond, as Lady Lilith the Lightbinder, a vampire High Elf with a heart of pure gold. In my travels, I have come across some intriguing spots that managed to make it on my list of top 10 must-see destinations. From purely humorous to useful roleplay hangouts, there’s something that every true TESO roleplayer will enjoy.

Let’s get started with the countdown…

10. Central Windhelm in Eastmarch

Where the feast never ends.

The Nords are renown for throwing wicked parties with so much ale you can practically fill a lake. Both food and drink are so plentiful that the eating and drinking competitions literally never stop – despite the ongoing war that rages throughout central Tamriel. If you’re looking to get wasted and eat your feelings after a grueling quest, this is the place to be. Oh, and remember to bring warm clothing, unless you like frostbite.

9. The Mourner’s Market in Deshaan

Where shopaholics go bankrupt.

Not only does this city host some exotic architecture, but it is one of the most famous spots for top trading guilds to score a trader. This means that the variety of purchasable goods are not only vast, but the prices are competitive – did someone say SALE???

8. The Vivec Library in Vvardenfell

Nerds, behold the sexiest study hall ever!

While there are many libraries throughout Tamriel, none are as beautifully designed as the simple but stunning Vivec Library. Naturally, the city itself is a must-see. If you roleplay as a scholar-type character, then be sure to visit this library, and help the librarian complete the sculpted map of Vvardenfell while you’re there.

7. The Temple of Dibella in Anvil

You had me at “Goddess of Beauty”.

While the Goddess of Beauty is a lovely title, Dibella is also known as the deity that favours the erotic arts. I mean, can you get more open-minded? While all the temples of Tamriel are very similar in design, I just have a soft spot for the Temple of Dibella in the (eventually) peaceful town of Anvil. Not only is it a nice secluded location with little foot traffic, an ideal spot to just relax and meditate, but the stained glass windows make for a lovely visual distraction.

6. The Dead Wolf Inn in Shornhelm

When werewolves give you the jeebies, where else would you drink?

No offence to all the werewolf readers, but as a vampire, I found this well-named inn too hilarious to not make the list. There’s even a friendly fellow vamp trying to warm up  by the upstairs fire…so cute!

5. Ravenwatch Castle in Rivenspire

The upper west side rehab centre for vampires.

If you love playing an uppity noble and you ‘accidentally’ contracted vampirism, then put Ravenwatch Castle on your list of regular holiday retreats. Filled with fine furniture and friendly fellow fiends, this abode will make you feel right at home in all your immortal undead glory. Plus, there’s a lovely grim-looking lake on the grounds, ideal for an Adam’s Family styled picnic.

4. The Ebony Flask Whorehouse in Stonefalls

What happens in the Ebony Flask, stays in the Ebony Flask.

For those that need to get their rocks off and are willing to pay for services very well rendered, the Ebony Flask’s doors are always open. You can grab a drink and pull up a pillow by the fire, or book some downtime with the local talents – sex dungeon included. Remember, touching is extra.

3. The Hollow City in Coldharbour

Purple rain, purple rain!

If Tamriel starts looking too ‘normal’, take a trip over to the Hollow City in Coldharbour. While it may be in the realm of the Daedric Prince Molag Bal, the city is very much a safe haven and quite a visual treat. Thick purple clouds stretch across the sky as a magical sun made by Meridia (another Daedric Prince and rival of Molag Bal) shines brightly. The waters glow with a fiery frozen passion and the ground is a mosaic of cracks. While the overall blue-purple hue of Coldharbour can be an enjoyable change of scenery, it is the citizens of Hollow City that I most enjoy – a true mix-match of cultures and races.

2. The Skooma Shack at The Bandaari Trading Post

Just one more hit, then I’m done, I promise…

For those of us that need to take the edge off after hours of respawning in the veteran trials, Fazadu’s home offers the perfect solution. Soft pillows all over, a cosy fire to keep the cold at bay, delicious drinks and A-grade Skooma-filled hookahs all around. Take a seat and just…chill.

1. The Bath House in Orsinium

A tall glass of wine, warm water, naked women, hold the bubbles.

After hours of mucking through mud, snow, rain, and all kinds of debris, while slaughtering anything that apposes you, a nice hot soak is rightfully deserved. At the Orsinium Bath House you can have a soothing bath and steam downstairs, enjoying the local delights, while your gear gets a good laundering upstairs.
Go on, you deserve it!

What are your favourite spots to visit in Tamriel?
Tell me in the comments below and I’ll be sure to visit.

mustacchio-cafe-review_i-am-online_andy-moller-blog-6Text: Andy Moller
Photographs: Andy Moller / Lilith the Lightbinder
Feature image:

Featuring: The Witchqueen’s Coven

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