Mustacchio Caffé reviewed! (Cape Town freelance coffee stops)

It’s my first time at the newly opened Mustacchio Caffé on the corner of Buitensingel and Kloof Street, Cape Town, and from the moment I walked through the door I’m already impressed. Not only is the interior décor spot on for the hipster-filled Mother City with white walls, light wooden bar and metal chairs, but they have free wi-fi and plug points all over – an ideal working spot for every freelancer that spend their days behind the PC.

Having opened their doors on 21 September 2016, one of the two main points that make me think that Mustacchio is going to stick around for a lot longer than its predecessors is their “in-house made” approach to most of their ingredients and condiments, as well as their potential (the negotiations are still ongoing) collab parking spots at the Jubilee community church. The number one problem for Kloof Street restaurants has always been a lack of parking bays, something that Mustacchio Caffé is certainly addressing.


The Mustacchio Caffé score card

  • Wi-fi – 10/10
  • Service – 10/10
  • Coffee – 10/10
  • Food – 8/10
  • Ambience – 10/10

I’m giving Mustacchio 10/10 for their wi-fi services. While it’s not fibre fast, 7.8Mbps download speed is extremely satisfactory, even gamers would want to set up their consoles here. There’s nothing more to say, they have great wi-fi and they’re not stingy with it.



I’m extremely impressed with the kind and caring service of the waiters, all dressed in their Mustacchio branded white/black shirts and black pants, so I’m giving them a 10/10. In most restaurants waiters fight over customers and push them to sit in their sections, here at Mustacchio there was none of that awkwardness. Plus, the attentive and regular (but not annoying) check-ups really made me feel like royalty.
Thanks team Mustacchio!


OMG! I applaud the Mustacchio baristas on a decent cup of Joe and give them 10/10. Their coffees come in two strengths, namely the Arabica (which is most common and is softer and sweeter to the taste) and the more potent Robusta (which is stronger and an Italian favourite). Not only do I have a choice in how strong I want my cappuccino, but the price remains the same for both options (a fairness I have seen neglected at other cafés). Of course, the decaf options are slightly more expensive, but who drinks decaf when they’re working??? Not me.



I’m giving Mustacchio an 8/10 for their food, only because I’ve had the Eggs Benedict with salmon and have yet to taste and see their other dishes. However, if I had to judge them solely on their Eggs Benedict (which is my favourite breakfast dish), I’d give them a solid 10/10. Not only was the portion extremely decent and the eggs exactly the way I asked for them, not to mention the sexiness of the dish, but it was actually R26.90 cheaper than the Mugg & Bean franchise’s. The rest of their dishes are decently priced and match the averages for most Cape Town CBD restaurants. Affordable, well-portioned and delicious. Yes yes!



Last, but never the least, I give the ambience a solid 10/10. Like I said at the start of this review, the interiors are perfect for the Cape Town vibe. Dark floors contrasting the clean white walls, wooden bar and shelves with plants all over and rustic finishes really create a sense of open, fresh, nature-loving goodness. There is also ample seating, but one can never go wrong with booking in advance. The soft music in the background is also a peaceful plus. One can really let the creative dragons fly in this Cape Town café. If you’re working on your next novel, Mustacchio has the perfect ambience.


All-in-all, Mustacchio scores a solid and satisfactory 4.5/5 stars in my opinion and I will certainly be frequenting it a lot in the future. Here’s hoping that, unlike Gourmet Boerie and Dropkick Murphy’s that had the venue before them, Mustacchio Caffé is here to stay!

mustacchio-cafe-review_i-am-online_andy-moller-blog-6Text: Andy Moller
Photographs: Andy Moller
Feature image: Mustacchio Caffé

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